Quinte St. Alban's Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons No. 620 G.R.C. meets on the 4th Monday of the month, except July and August, at the Thornhill Masonic Hall, 30 Elgin Street, Thornhill, Ontario.  

The Lodge operates under the Charter issued by the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

In addition to the Masonic activities strictly related to Freemasonry and to the works of a Masonic Lodge conducted in observance to the Constitution of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, we aim to make a difference in our community by devoting efforts and resources to assist charitable agencies and organizations operating in the GTA in general, and in municipalities of Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and York Region in particular, without distinction of race, sex or religion.

Both Lodges had come to the realization that they were going to have to take some action in order to rekindle interest and promote a more positive feeling in their respective lodges. In St. Alban's lodge, W. Bro. James M. McDowall was elected to the chair of Master for the second time in his Masonic career while W. Bro. Eric S. Painter was re-elected to the position of Secretary of the lodge in 1999.

These two brethren were determined to seek an improvement in lodge attendance and interest by either working on lodge functions and programs as an independent lodge, seeking amalgamation with another lodge in order to bolster the ranks or turn in the Charter of the Lodge to Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, go into darkness and let the brethren seek out their memberships with Lodges of their own choice.

W. Bro. Eric Painter travelled to lodges both in and out of Toronto District #7 where St. Alban's was situated, accompanied by Bro. Lyle Painter and the Master, W. Bro. McDowall on several occasions in order to find if any Lodge was receptive to an amalgamation. Indeed, an official meeting was held between St. Alban's and Vaughan Lodge #54 G.R.C. in Maple where St. Alban's met, with the Master, Secretary and R.W. Bro. R. Harrie A. Hope representing St. Alban's attending, but no meeting either formal or informal met with success.

Some lodges were quite willing to have the membership of St. Alban's affiliate with them and not have any amalgamation thus putting St. Alban's effectively into darkness while others were willing to hold an amalgamation but without any recognition of the former St. Alban's either in name, number or on the Lodge Charter, again causing St. Alban's to effectively disappear.

The situation at the Bay of Quinte Lodge was very similar in that the brethren were discussing the prospect of amalgamation but hadn't started to actively discuss that avenue with other lodges as yet. As it worked out, W. Bro. Painter worked at the DeHavilland Aerospace plant in Downsview and was a member of the DeHavilland Square Club of which W. Bro. Alan Donovan, then current Senior Warden of Bay of Quinte Lodge, was president.

In speaking with W. Bro. Donovan, W. Bro. Painter outlined in a discussion what St. Alban's Lodge was trying to accomplish and two days later, W. Bro. Donovan returned with the question. Would St. Alban's consider joining with us at Bay of Quinte? W. Bro. Painter, intrigued by the proposal, presented it along with a report on what had transpired during investigations at other lodges, at the next meeting of St. Alban's. It was recommended and accepted that St. Alban's pursue this avenue, as other paths didn't seem as favourable.

W. Bro. Painter then contacted W. Bro. Donovan at their place of work and said that the brethren of St. Alban's were interested and that the two lodges should get together and he would come out with as many of St. Alban's brethren as could be available to the next Bay of Quinte meeting. Said meeting was held and the brethren introduced themselves to each other. It was decided that this prospect warranted further investigation so an exploratory meeting was held in the meeting room of Bro. D.E. Russell White's condominium building on Finch Avenue east of Yonge Street, with R.W. Bro. Ian D. Nichols, V.W. Bro. Stewart J. Paulson, W. Bro. James England, W. Bro. Alan Donovan, W. Bro. James M. McDowall, W. Bro. Eric S. Painter, and Bro. D.E. Russell White all in attendance.

Both lodges then formed an investigation committee to officially pursue the prospect of amalgamation. Bay of Quinte Lodge appointed W. Bro. Alan Donovan, W. Bro. James England and R.W. Bro. Ian D. Nichols, while St. Alban's was represented by W. Bro. James M. McDowall, W. Bro. Eric S. Painter, and Bro. D.E. Russell White.
As both lodges realized that there was good intent on both sides it was made official that both lodges would exclusively pursue amalgamation with each other and motions were moved in both lodges to recognize the amalgamation committee and empower it to negotiate the joining of our lodges. Upon both lodge secretaries informing Grand Lodge of the proceedings, R.W. Bro. Terrance Shand, the Deputy Grand Master was appointed by Grand Lodge as the committee chairman. A meeting was held at the Pickering Masonic Hall with the complete committee in attendance and negotiations went very well as no outstanding issues were found to be standing in the way of going ahead with the completion of joining our two lodges.

It was decided that for the ease of amalgamation negotiations, the Bay of Quinte by-laws would be adopted in their entirety, and the new lodge would make changes to them at a later date.

The ceremony of amalgamation was held at the Thornhill Masonic Hall on 28 May 2001, with W. Bro. Alan Donovan installed in the chair of King Solomon and W. Bro. James M. McDowall as I.P.M, of the new lodge, denominated Quinte St. Alban's Lodge and numbered 620 on the registry of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.